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We write content for companies in industries that other content marketing agencies aren’t equipped to write for.

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When you invest in content marketing, you expect results.

Businesses that work in complex industries like engineering, law, medicine, or any involved trade are often disappointed: content marketing companies promise quality material but deliver sloppy research and poor analysis. The material is amateurish—and it’s clear that an amateur wrote it.

Content needs to work. It needs to drive outcomes—whether those goals are organic inbound leads, direct sales, thought leadership, or education. We know you’ve spent years developing your expertise. We also know that inferior content can harm your credibility. And we offer the professional writers and researchers who can provide what you need to accomplish your goals.

Broken Wheel takes things to another level.

Serious Research

We’re skilled researchers who know our way around your field’s essential sources—or we’ll learn quickly—and we know which subject matter experts to call.

Top Talent

We understand your audience, from the casual consumer to the C-level to technical experts, and write to their awareness level.


CCC only takes on clients when we’re confident we can write for them. If we know our skills aren’t a fit, we won’t waste your time trying to learn on your dime.

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Fresh content builds your audience and allows us to cover the topics that matter to your clients most.

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Contracts start at 3 months, with a modest discount at 6 months and a 10% discount for firms signing one-year agreements.

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We’ll produce WordPress-ready pieces for you (images and links included) or knock 10% off your writing costs.


All of our articles rely heavily on industry-leading publications—but we can work with your employees and outside experts to uncover business opportunities and add authority to your pieces.


Involving writers in topic ideation and SEO strategy leads to higher-quality prose that better addresses your clients’ questions.


Every CMS-ready article includes one hero (header) image and freely-sourced images with proper attribution. But we’re glad to source custom infographics or photography to help drive your point home.


Would you like our help with landing pages, white papers, and other non-blog content?

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We produce complex, authoritative pieces designed to stand out in competitive markets—if your content doesn’t call for our skills, we’re happy to put you in touch with other writers and agencies we trust.